It was a cold and dusky night as the team sat down to talk about the best promotional items of 2020, the branded gifts that had made them say Wow!  

They decided to make things nice and easy on their clients and put them in A neat package on the website, from the Bespoke Shaped Mints to the engraved Vader Speaker they sat up way into the dark night choosing the very best of the promotional merchandise world.

As they left the building, closing and locking the door behind them all that was left to show their effort was this list of exciting, innovate and amazing promotional merchandise.




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We love this product, so much fun to be had. With a selection of pre-printed faces, we can print your logo on the other side. I have seen these used on zoom calls, at events, combined with social media. With a low minimum quantity, they are a great way to create some engagement and a brilliant spin on your basic coaster. These facemats take such a simple idea and gives it a new twist!

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We love these bespoke shaped mints, they do what they say on the tin, as it were. We can take any shaped logo and create a mint in that shape, it's amazing how much detail can be included on the mint. With a four colour process tin, they really make a unique promotional merchandise gift. The lead time is around 4 weeks but if you just want to see how good these are, email us your logo at and let us mock you up a free visual. If you are looking for a bespoke promotional merchandise and want to speak to one of our experts, give us a call and chat to one of our bespoke experts who can help decide if this is the best product for you or if there is something else that we can make as a bespoke promotional item. You can copy and paste this link into your browser to see our video

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We found these incredible promotional glass straws on one of our trips looking for new products. As far as we are aware these are unique to Wow Merchandise, no one we know in the UK is able to print multiple colours AND engrave on to glass straws! With the pubs and restaurants re-opening on the 4th of July, no one willing to give out straws, it's going to be up to the individual to take their own straws to venues, which makes these the perfect promotional merchandise gift! After testing lots of options including silicone, metal and plastic we don't think anything comes close to being as nice to use as these glass straws. They are ultra-strong, they have survived 2 months at Grant's home with 2 kids without any breakages, and they have a very high perceived value! The minimum order for these would be 50 units and take 3 weeks to produce, They are fantastic value for money, you can check out the costs at If you are looking for unique marketing swag or ideas that can be combined with social media, give Wow Merchandise a call on 03333 200710 and speak to our specialist advisers who can supply ideas, prices and guide you to other unique and specialised gifts.

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Stunning quality branded socks made from organic cotton. The maximum amount of colours that can be knitted are 6 including the base colour. The price is the same if the sock is knitted in 1 or 6 colours. The pair of socks includes a full colour printed recycled sock tag and individual self-seal bag. You have a choice between the standard transparent poly bag or Compostable bag made of potato starch. Composition of the socks: 80% GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC combed cotton for comfort, 17% polyamide for strength and 3% elastane for stretch. Lead time 3 - 5 weeks depending on our production schedule. There are hundreds of packaging options to include sliding boxes, boxes with lids and 3D shaped boxes. We offer a free design service

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One of our favourtie products on the planet. This durable and reliable eco cable is not only a brilliant solution for anyone who uses more than 1 gadget, but cute to boot. We can brand even the most complex of logo's to both sides and as it also has a USB to USBc adaptor making it very, very useful for all those MacBook Pro enthusasts. The components are either made from Dupont Tyvek (legs) or Wheat composite (body) Biodegradable.

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When it comes to promotional mugs, of which we are huge fans, this Colour Fusion mug is one of the kings. Using a proprietary technique, a trusted partner of ours has managed to find a way to print all over the mug including the bottom and the handle. Independently tested, to over 2000 washes and is confirmed 100% dishwasher safe. On top of this, the print quality is stunning, producing saturated and vibrant colours. Using the right design to take advantage of this unique print technique, results in one of those promotional products that, when seen, make people say wow! We love the idea of someone sitting drinking their cup of coffee in the morning admiring how good the mug looks! We are advertising special prices for 1 month only, until the 01/07/2020. To receive this special price an order must have been placed and accepted in writing on or before the 01/07/2020 If you are looking for a great desktop marketing gift, give us a call and let our specialist team who are dedicated to helping clients come up with cool and funky ideas, help you find the perfect branded item.

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This fantastic promotional can ‘o’ stuff ticks all the boxes, with a list of over 30 products that can go into the can we can tailor this product to most budgets. The version shown here is the Office Essentials Kit, it includes a pack of tissues, hand sanitiser, screen cleaner and screen cloth. If you don’t like our set, go creative and make your own kit! There are festival kits, exhibition kits, office essentials, back to work and sport and fitness cans to name a few, the options are endless. If you love this idea but would prefer different products inside the can, you can call us on 03333 200 710 and chat to our expert team who can guide you through the option. Or you can email us at

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One of our favourite finds of 2022 although admittedly it's only January at the point at which we added this product. A reusable travel cup made from reusable travel cups! It can be printed with a 1 colour print in a single position for a quick inexpensive solution but we can do so much more. We can print a full wrap, we can engrave and we can put individual names on it if required! It's robust and dishwasher safe. One of the most amazing things about this mug is that you can drink, with the leakproof lid on from anywhere around the room, all 360 degrees! No more worrying about getting it in the right hole!!!!!!!!!!!

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The cubebot is an award-winning, internet sensation with over 17,000 #cubebot hashtags shared on Instagram. It is such a cool piece of promotional merchandise when design superstar David Weeks designed it, he had no idea how it would become so successful. This simple wooden toy, which we can brand on both sides was inspired by Japanese three-dimensional wooden puzzles called Shinto Kumi-ki, the toy figure folds up into a perfect cube. Check out this amazing video ( If you would like some information on more the coolest marketing gifts we supply, give us a call on 03333 200 710 and speak to one of our experts.

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This branded thermal drinking bottle is in our Wow section for a few reasons Firstly, it’s a well designed, beautiful thermal bottle with a robust Tritan cap. It will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours It feels fantastic to hold, with a soft feel finish its original shape and style is a piece of fresh air in a crowded market. Made from stainless steel, it is robust enough for a long hike and cool enough to take to the gym! Also, if you apply the primo touch ink system and self colourise you are looking at a very classy piece of promotional merchandise. For the month of June only we have a special offer price. There are other products that we can use our specially designed primo ink system with, call 03333 200 170 and speak to our ink specialists who can take you through all of the options.


We fell in love with this product at the office, in part because they are known as laptop balls which often results in howls of laughter when we get an enquiry but also, as a unique take on a laptop stand, they are fantastic, cheap and brilliantly effective pieces of promotional merchandise. Use your laptop balls to create some airflow under your laptop!!! If you are looking for original and individual ideas for your next promotion, give our team of experts a call, let us come up with some creative ideas for you.


We found the Dust-Boy whilst scouring Europe looking for unique and original products, this brilliant car cleaning accessory is perfect for the car industry or petrol heads. It's flexible, dust binding brush cleans in all those hard to reach places! Mixing 3 colours on the dust boy creates a truly bespoke promotional merchandise product. You can choose two colours for the microfibre brush and one colour for the handle. We chose this for our Wow! category as it's rare to see something new for the automotive industry that is cheap and effective, we knew it was a winner when all the samples in the office went in 2 days! If you would like some help finding a unique gift for your event, give us a call on 03333 200710 and speak to our experts who will be happy to take a brief and come up with some ideas.



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