Top 10 Branded Gifts for Employees

These days with more and more people working from home, finding the right branded gifts can be hard.  There are a lot of things to consider before moving ahead with buying anything.

First and foremost, is how are you going to get it to your employee or client? 

That leads on to several other things you have to consider.  Do you have their address?  Have you thought about the GDPR issues surrounded sending out personalised gifts to a home address? If you are sending it to a home address how are you going to have it delivered?  Are you going to use an overnight service or send it using Royal Mail?  Both have very different costs associated with them.

All of these questions are important because the overriding question you need to answer is what is my budget?

Once you have that we can help find a great corporate gift set that will work for you and your brand in terms of GDPR compliance and a unique piece of marketing swag that will be cherished by anyone who receives it.

We decided that it might be good for our clients if you knew some of the options that are out there, we thought a nice top 10 branded gifts for employees would be a good place to start. 

Now we need to stress, that with unique high-end corporate gift sets we can do anything you care to imagine, we can create bespoke gift sets to meet any budget however there are so many options that it can be hard to pin good, creative ideas so this top 10 is designed to be more of a starting point than a definitive list.

Branded Breakfast Gift Box

We are going to start with something that was designed as the perfect promotional gift for the Covid-19 era, the Branded Breakfast Box with a printed Label to the outside.  This box can be delivered to individual addresses with a printed note. 

We loved this so much we got some for ourselves so that we could have some breakfast meetings again.  We contacted clients we wanted to meet with and arranged a standard zoom meeting but for 11am, we asked them not to eat breakfast then we got the box delivered to them just as the meeting was about to strart.

Whilst at the zoom meeting we asked if we could take a picture for social media and post it.  

It was fantastic for lots of reasons, it gave everybody some fun with Zoom, something that is in short supply and created a buzz around us all when we were working remotely.

One of the benefits of branded merchandise is engagement.  It doesn't matter who you are everyone likes to be given a gift, it shows you care and that you are engaged with your staff.   

Over the past few months, we have seen some amazing uses of these branded home worker kits, not just for staff but used to engage with key workers and front-line support staff who have been unflinching in their commitment over the past few months. 

If you are looking for an amazing gift to say thanks or to help engage with remote workers and you don't see what you want here, give us a call and talk to our team who have been searching the world (via the internet) for the best and the brightest the promotional merchandise industry has to offer.

Wireless Optical Mouse

This is a promotional gift that keeps on giving, a printed wireless optical mouse that can be branded with a single colour, we can produce as little as 50 units, and the packaging is great.

We even produced a simple YouTube Review Video for it.

It's a simple gift but it shows you care!








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Gifts for employees working from home are one of our biggest categories at the moment. In today's world, there are lots of times where you want to send gifts for your team working from home. This work from home gift set includes the following items; • Web Cam Cover • 15cm Ruler • Deluxe Coaster (choose from Square or Circle) • Wrapped in brown paper with a branded logo sticker, in this merch box • Card of your choice with a personalised message with logo on the front and back. The gift sets make an impact from the moment the gift arrives through their letterbox. Just send your artwork, copy and addresses and let us take care of the rest! Additional items can be included in the gift set, for a small fulfilment fee. If the total package weight is under 100g, for example, you may want to add a membership or loyalty card or other items. How long does it take to fulfil? 5 day turnaround time upon receipt of artwork, copy and customer addresses.

from £7.50

Are you looking forward to being able to have breakfast meetings again? Our new breakfast style gift box comes packed with goodies to start your day in the best possible way. Meeting with the team on Teams and want to give them a pick me up? Want to make a new client smile? We have the solution. Filled with Croissant, Butter, Jam, Marmalade, Nutella, Tea & Juice Box this breakfast gift box with a printed label is an amazing promotional merchandise solution. We can send to individual addresses or bulk drop. Box comes branded on the paper wrap seal. Add a personalised card for an extra 55p per card. This is such a lovely home worker engagement kit we ordered some for ourselves and have had several breakfast meetings so far, you can see some of the images on Grant's LinkedIn profile. If you are looking for some branded merchandise for a meeting or to engage with staff heading back into the office, give us a call. We have worked on several projects where branded swag has been sent to individual addresses and has really made an impact. We have promotional merchandise gift sets for any budget, target group or event.

from £11.23

If you are looking for the perfect corporate gift set, you might have found what you are looking for with this branded work from home set. Don't let the name fool you, this promotional gift box can be sent to clients or to employees. We can send these high end branded gifts to individual home addresses or we can send in bulk to 1 address. Produced in 12 working days and includes a fantastic custom printed pen, a branded note printed 1 colour, a square cork coaster that is digitally printed allowing for complex artwork, a mint tin branded 1 colour and a phone stand also printed with 1 colour to 1 position. We pack all of the products into a white postal box with a full colour A6 label to the top of the box. Our standard lead time for this product is 12 days however if you have a deadline let us know and we will try and work within your parameters. If you are looking for a unique gift set, please give us a call and talk to one of our experts. Over the course of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we have become experts in finding unique branded gift sets for any budget and any event in almost any lead time.

from £49.99

This branded new starter kit is full of amazing branded promotional merchandise, all in a branded gift box. Inside you will find a printed stainless steel water bottle, a laser engraved optical wireless mouse, a digitally printed Swiss Peak A5 notebook and pen set along with a digitally printed tempered glass 5w wireless charger. We have worked very hard this year to find a way to help companies make new staff feel welcome and part of the company when they may not be in the office every day. This is a high end corporate gift, that’s for sure but if you are looking for something to fit your budget give us a call as have some amazing and unique promotional gift sets. We have the largest selection of promotional gift sets in the UK, we can tailor our products to fit any budget. We have so many permutations of product and branding it’s hard to imagine, we can even put individual names on one of the products in the set. We can deliver to 1 UK address or we can send them individually if you have a remote workforce. This set comes with each product branded, except the pen as well as a note placed into each box and the box printed all over, digitally. However we can also build your customised gift set from scratch. • Choose items you want in your set • Choose which items are branded • As an added option, you can even individualise one of the products in the set with individual names or information • Another option is for a customised sleeve around each product in the gift set • Design your own gift box or let us design it for you • Add a personal note (A4, A5 or A6) • Choose a shipment option, bulk delivered to 1 UK mainland address or sent to individual names and addresses across the UK. If you would like a visual of your gift set or want some images of the product we suggest for this product drop us an email at and we can send them straight across


A personalised work from home productivity kit that will make anyone who receives it smile. This amazing set comes with a bamboo notebook and bamboo pen and stylus as well as bamboo wireless headphones making sure you are being sustainable as well as thoughtful. We thought it would be great to put together a thank you for all the hard work day and send this out to staff, combine this with some clever social media work and you could get some amazing engagement both from your staff and your customers. We love these kits as they are so well thought out! If you would like us to arrange shipping and postage to individual address drop us a line at wow@wowmerchandise for a quote. If you are looking for a product to say thanks to staff or customers why not call us on 03333 200 170 and speak to our social media engagement team who can help you translate ideas into actionable marketing plans.


This extraordinary branded work from kit is genius. It comes with a bamboo coffee tumbler, a bamboo desk organiser as well as a 5w wireless charger. We loved this so much that we got one for everyone here at Wow Merchandise! You don’t even have to post it out yourself as we can take care of that for you, just give us a call on 03333 200 170 and let us know how we can help you. This kit is a great welcome to the company gift as well as something to show you are thinking of a customer.


If you want your work from home staff to really light up with a smile this 2 piece custom printed gift set contains a wireless mouse and wireless earbuds, both can be branded with your logo so that when the gifts are in use your logo lights up. If you need it sent out to your staff or clients let us know on 03333 200 710 and have a chat with our production team, they can give you the best prices on the internet for shipping and packing.


Whilst we are all working from home more and more it's harder to stay fit and healthy, this branded sports kit is the perfect way to let your staff know you are trying to look after them. This set comes with a cool universal sports armband, a superb safety LED strap and a great set of wireless earbuds in a pouch. If you are looking for products for a health exhibition or just want some ideas for promotional merchandise related to the wellbeing industry give us a call on 03333 200 710 and let our health and wellness team look after you.



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